Hi, and welcome to www.ciphertown.com. This website is just under initial construction at this time (19 August 2015).
The idea for this website is to have a gathering point for those who have an interest in ciphers and cipher encryption devices. In particular we here at Ciphertown are especially excited about utilising, supporting, and enjoying the unique line of cipher devices created by the fine folks of Creative Crafthouse (www.creativecrafthouse.com).
If you are new to learning about ciphers and cryptology, or even an old pro wanting to share and teach others, we encourage you to participate in our new forum. If you have a new encoding device from Creative Crafthouse, this might be a great place to learn how to use it better, and or share with others - who also might have the same device. You can send and receive secret coded messages with others and make new friends in the process! So, please join the forum - it's open to anyone and completely FREE!